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Case Study

Certificate of Lawfulness for a Large Fruit Grower


19th August 2021
Local Planning Authority
We obtained a Certificate of Lawfulness for a large fruit grower in Kent.

A large fruit farming enterprise based on a farm in Kent was threatened when the amount of non home grown fruit processed, packed and stored at the farm meant the use of the site included non conforming industrial operations not covered by the planning status as agricultural use.

A Certificate of Lawfulness demonstrated that the Council had granted unrestricted permission for extensions and enlargements to the pack house and its facilities for over twenty years allowing the enterprise for home grown and non home grown fruit to continue.

The Council was satisfied that the evidence provided in the application showed that through the grant of historic planning permissions, the use has been in operation in excess of 10 years, and was therefore immune from enforcement.

Certificate of Lawfulness for a Large Fruit Grower
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