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Rural development

Planning Appeals, Enforcement & Objection

Planning Objections

All planning applications undergo a consultation process, allowing interested parties to provide feedback on the proposed development. Upon receiving notification that an adjoining landowner intends to develop, it's natural to feel concerned and seek assurance that you won't be negatively impacted.

Should you wish to raise objections to an application, our experienced team can assess the planning proposal to determine whether there are valid grounds for objection. If valid grounds are identified, we can submit a statement of objection on your behalf. This may focus on specific impacts on your amenity or others', and highlight where the scheme fails to comply with planning policies or requirements. Additionally, it may address factual errors within the application or identify deficiencies in supporting information that could hinder the council's ability to make an informed decision on the scheme's impacts.

With significant experience in lodging objections across various types and scales of applications, we handle proposals that may pose potential harm to sensitive and protected sites, such as Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, and areas of landscape significance, such as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our track record speaks for itself, whether resulting in a council refusal of permission, amendments to the scheme to address objections and gain client approval, or the imposition of planning conditions to shape or restrict development.

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Rural Planning Appeals

If you've faced a planning application refusal or are dissatisfied with conditions imposed on a granted permission, you have the right to appeal to The Planning Inspectorate.

With our extensive experience in handling various types of planning appeals, ranging from written representations to informal hearings and public inquiries, we're well-equipped to assist.

As a starting point, we'll review your case and provide advice on the likelihood of success in the appeal process, as well as the most suitable route to pursue. The complexity of the case and the arguments to be presented to an inspector often determine the appropriate course of action. We conduct thorough research to prepare the grounds of appeal and present compelling evidence to support your case, including representation at hearings and acting as expert witnesses during inquiries.

Moreover, we offer guidance and representation to individuals or action groups wishing to object to an appeal, appearing on their behalf to ensure their concerns are effectively communicated.

Planning Enforcement

If you've been contacted by your local authority's enforcement team regarding works that may breach planning control, there are typically several options available to resolve the situation. With our extensive experience in handling enforcement matters of all types, we can advise you on the most suitable course of action. This often involves early communication with the council to initiate discussions and represent your interests, with the aim of avoiding formal enforcement action or ensuring that any required steps, such as submitting a retrospective planning application, are fair and proportionate to the circumstances.

Even if you've received a formal enforcement notice, we can still assist you. Certain cases allow for rights of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. We'll guide you on the best approach and provide representation throughout the appeal process.

It's crucial to act swiftly upon receiving a notice, as there's a narrow window to lodge an appeal. We can act promptly to ensure you don't miss this opportunity.

Additionally, we represent clients concerned about unauthorised developments in their local area causing harm. We evaluate the relevant circumstances, determine if breaches have occurred, and submit complaints to councils requesting appropriate enforcement action. Leveraging our experience, we formulate these complaints effectively to ensure councils take them seriously and follow up with the enforcement team to resolve harmful breaches.

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Rural Planning

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