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Case Study

Two Applications Approved for our Client


10th March 2022
Local Planning Authority
An application was made on behalf of our client for two applications. The first was a lawful development certificate, the second for a change of use. We submitted both applications at the same time.

The site is located within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The first application made on behalf of our clients, was to demonstrate that buildings on the site were used for a craft workshop for the last ten years, meaning they were granted a Lawful Development Certificate.

The second application was for retrospective planning permission for use of 2 outbuildings for domestic use ancillary to the main house The applicants wished to utilise an existing group of structures already present on site, rather than construct new additions to the house or within its immediate setting, a Grade II Listed Building.

The buildings have been constructed for over 4 years. Retrospective permission was sought for the use of the two buildings as domestic accommodation, ancillary to the use of the main dwelling.

Our team were able to demonstrate that the use of the buildings in connection with the existing residential property, will not harm the amenities of occupiers of nearby residential properties.

The council approved both applications on the same day!

Two Applications Approved for our Client
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