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Case Study

Blacksmiths forge granted planning permission on Isle of Sheppey


25th May 2021
Local Planning Authority
This application is made on behalf of our clients for the construction of a forge building to be used in connection with a traditional farrier business on the Isle of Sheppey.

The workshop building will allow the client to continue to undertake professional and specialist farrier training and continue to grow her business.

The applicant specialises in remedial farriery and uses a traditional coke forge to make orthopaedic handmade horse shoes.

The applicant is growing her client base throughout Kent with the intention to make this business her full-time occupation. In order to grow the business, a dedicated forge building is needed to accommodate a coke forge to produce specialist shoes on the scale and quality required.

The proposed forge building will allow for the growth an expansion of this rural business and contribute to the rural economy. There will be no adverse residential, highway or landscape impacts.

Our team were able to demonstrate that the development satisfies both local and national planning policy.

Blacksmiths forge granted planning permission on Isle of Sheppey